If you’re truly interested in this domain, my final offer stands at $5,000 USD, equivalent to RMB ¥35,700.

We are the largest WordPress agency in China, and the wpjoy.com project is currently in development. There’s a possibility of a name change since once the project launches, we won’t consider selling it anymore.

You can opt for domain platforms with lower fees or use Alipay, PayPal, or WeChat Pay for the transaction. I prefer not to go through domain intermediaries. If you have an alibabacloud.com account, we can proceed with a push transaction at the specified price.

Contact via Email. [email protected]

如果你真的很需要此域名,我的最终报价为 $5,000 USD ,折合人民币 RMB ¥35,700;

我们是中国最大的 WordPress 机构,wpjoy.com 项目正在开发中。


你可以选择手续费较低的域名平台或者 Alipay / PayPal / WeChat Pay 进行交易,不要通过域名中介联系,如果你有 alibabacloud.com 账号,可以带价 push 交易。

联系 E-Mail:[email protected]